Global kids and family industry reports

We provide the most relevant and up-to-date insights on the kids and family sector to help brands shape their strategies to achieve outstanding results, engage with kids and reach the ultimate decision-makers. Download our reports below.

Gen Z: The Family Chief Technology Officer

Download our infographic for new insights on how Gen Z is shaping family tech purchases, revealing their significant influence on brand and product decisions.

Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity

Download our latest report to uncover how Fortnite and other gaming platforms are transforming brand engagement with kids and teens. Learn proven strategies to boost brand love in the gaming ecosystem.

The Path to Toy Sales Success

Download our infographic for new data and insights into how kids are reshaping the toy market and the proven strategies for reaching them!

Download the insights specific to your region:

SuperAwesome’s Holiday Guide to Reaching Gen Alpha & Gen Z

Download our holiday e-guide with new insights and strategies for brands to connect with the next generation.

Gen Alpha and Gen Z: In Control of the Family Remote

Download our free report on the new ways that Gen Alpha & Gen Z are influencing household streaming and subscriptions.

Gen Z’s Digital Discovery: Strategies for Brands to Connect

Our free report is an essential resource for any brand looking to engage with this influential generation.

Looking to get the most out of your G, PG and PG-13 film marketing campaigns?

Download our free playbook to discover how to help your brand implement more cost-effective strategies for every phase of your campaign.

Retail, gaming and the next generation

Download our free report on the new ways that Gen Alpha & Gen Z are engaging with retail brands.

How brands can connect with young audiences in the metaverse

Download our free report on creating branded metaverse content that kids and teens will want to see.

Making appropriate advertising disclosures to young audiences

Download our free e-book for a SuperAwesome perspective on best practices for influencer marketing, social media, and in-game content in the US

How brands can enter the youth gaming ecosystem

Download our free report to learn how to reach young audiences in the gaming sphere

Why winning the young audience battle will position your brand to win the streaming wars

Download our free report to learn how a thoughtful youth engagement strategy will help your streaming brand grow in 2021 and beyond.

How kids and Young Teens have raised the stakes for brand loyalty

Download our free report to learn how your brand can build and sustain lifetime loyalty.

How brands should prepare for post-Covid engagement with youth audiences

Download our e-book and dive into 3 predictions for the new normal and actionable insights on how your brand can remain competitive.

Young Teens are different: How to effectively reach the influential 13-16 market

Download our report to learn more about what makes Young Teens different and what your brand can do to reach this influential audience today

3 reasons your brand needs a youth digital engagement strategy

Download our e-book for insights into the influential kids and Young Teens market and how your brand can safely engage with them

The essential kids digital marketing guide for toy companies

Download our report for insights and action points for toy companies to navigate 2021

5 trends that will impact the kids digital landscape in 2021

Download our report for actionable insights into what brands can do to stay ahead of the game in 2021

How the kids gaming ecosystem has changed

Download our report to learn more about how under-16s gaming patterns are changing the entire digital media landscape and the actions companies should take to get ahead.

The emergence of the 13-16 market: the world’s most powerful household influencers

Insights and guidance to reach this distinctive audience.

7 best practices for kid-safe influencer marketing

Influencers are a critical part of any kids’ engagement strategy. Make sure you have the tools to make your campaigns kid-safe.

How Generation C is influencing holiday purchasing for the entire family

Insight and predictions for brands for the 2020 Holiday Season

The post-pandemic semester: Generation C goes back to school

How brands can support families with the most important back-to-school event yet.

A day in the life of a kid during Covid-19: meet Generation C

The pandemic is restructuring day parts for 6-16yr olds and creating an entirely new generation. What should you do now?

Everyone is a kids and family brand now

Data, observations and recommendations for companies interacting with kids and families during lockdown. Your brand is a kid and family brand now.

Why parents control the next phase of growth for game developers and digital service owners

Kids are a huge audience for games and it’s only getting bigger. Parents are the gatekeepers for this highly influential audience.

Kids Digital Media Report 2019

Based on field research, this report estimates that the global kids digital advertising market will be worth $1.7b by 2021.