SuperAwesome Case Studies

See how we’re helping clients to safely reach and engage with their target youth audience across the digital ecosystem.

How MGA Entertainment’s creator-led campaign catapulted Rainbow High to be the #1 fastest growing fashion doll brand

MGA Entertainment needed to partner with a kid-safe digital expert to build excitement, awareness, and sales for their new doll lines. Learn how a powerful creator-led campaign turned Rainbow High into the fastest growing fashion doll brand.

How adidas uses Fortnite to launch their new product with existing fans.

adidas were looking for an innovative digital destination that could showcase thematic alignment to their new product with their overall brand pillars and creative strategy.

How Sega delivered a multi-audience youth strategy for Sonic Frontiers

Sega recognized the importance of targeting youth audiences to maximize the popularity of their new game, Sonic Frontiers. Since Sonic Frontiers appeals to multiple youth audiences – from kids to teens – Sega knew they needed a specialist partner that deeply understands the nuances of these age cohorts.

How Sky Broadband bring their game-changing, Gigafast speeds to life in a popular Fortnite speed run integration

One of the most popular internet service providers in the UK, Sky Broadband, is on a mission to win as the leading internet provider for gamers. In a competitive, highspeed market, an innovative, buzz-driving strategy was required to launch the brand’s fastest ever product, Sky Broadband Gigafast.

How Mondelez created a memorable brand moment for Young Teens

Mondelez International is the company behind the iconic snack brand Chips Ahoy! They aspired to build brand affinity and loyalty with the emerging and influential Young Teens cohort, ranging from 13 up to 16 years old.

How the BBC used SuperAwesome to effectively reach kids for their BBC iPlayer streaming service.

The BBC, a leading entertainment provider, was looking for a multi-platform partner that shared its safety and compliance ethics when it came to engaging under-16 audiences online.

AWARD WINNING: MGA Entertainment and SuperAwesome generate global kid awareness and excitement for the L.O.L. Remix Music Awards

To debut its new Remix product line, which was accompanied by an original music album, MGA had to make noise. To reach kids in an authentic way, MGA required a trusted partner to execute a buzzworthy event across 13 compliance landscapes.

How INCa prioritized the well-being of tomorrow’s generation by reaching them when it mattered

INCa needed a solution that could reach young audiences effectively and compliantly, driving traffic to Cancer Fighter in a highly targeted way without compromising on kids’ digital privacy laws.

How a leading toy brand created a global gaming strategy to enhance fans’ engagement.

With gaming ranking as kids’ #1 hobby, the toy brand wanted to double down on extending physical play into the digital world. Together, the brand and SuperAwesome built a 360° gaming, metaverse and content strategy to bring their IP to life in Roblox across 13 global markets.

Pebbles SuperAwesome case studies

How Post® PEBBLES™ increased purchase intent by 36% with a multi-channel kids digital strategy

As primary customers and purchase-drivers, children are an essential audience for Post. To ensure parents continue to choose PEBBLES™ in the cereal aisle, the brand needed a trusted partner to help them build affinity with kids in a safe and compliant way.

How one of the largest global retailers drove purchase consideration and kids’ engagement for its e-tail activation.

With holiday shopping transitioning to eCommerce, the retailer needed an exciting digital approach to promoting the season’s most-wanted toys. The retail giant, through its partnership with SuperAwesome, launched an interactive virtual hub to help kids discover, unbox, and interact with new toys.

How the top entertainment brand for kids, Nickelodeon, increased show viewership and engagement with AwesomeAds

The kids TV network needed a specialist partner to help them build excitement with young viewers while ensuring brand-safety and compliance.

Penguin Young Readers increased brand engagement with their youth audience using SuperAwesome Creators and PopJam

Penguin Young Readers, a division of the world’s largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House, was in search of a partner to help them safely grow social engagement with their younger audience titles and brands.

How one of the world’s biggest toy brands grew kid-safe engagement 4x across Western Europe by partnering with SuperAwesome

For 6+ years, SuperAwesome has been this leading toy brand’s primary trusted platform to create custom end-to-end strategies that drive engagement and awareness with its kids audience.