How one of the largest global retailers drove purchase consideration and kids’ engagement for its e-tail activation.

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With holiday shopping transitioning to eCommerce, the retailer needed an exciting digital approach to promoting the season’s most-wanted toys. The retail giant, through its partnership with SuperAwesome, launched an interactive virtual hub to help kids discover, unbox, and interact with new toys.


The Challenge

The interactive virtual hub was designed to put kids at the heart of the experience. Getting the discovery engine in front of its intended youth audience required an expert partner — one that understood the complexities of kids’ digital privacy laws and could help generate excitement about the activation at scale.


The Solution

For two years in a row (and counting), the retailer has chosen SuperAwesome as their primary kids marketing partner for their proprietary e-tail activation.

To drive traffic to the digital experience, the retailer used a multichannel approach. To generate awareness at scale, a series of animated advertising creatives ran across the AwesomeAds kids’ digital marketplace, reaching millions of kids safely across relevant videos, games, and apps.

SuperAwesome Creators connected family-safe influencers with the experience to create safe and engaging influencer content. Knowing 55% Of Gen Alpha would purchase a product if they saw their favorite social media influencers using it*, the high-performing influencer content was amplified as pre-roll cutdowns across the AwesomeAds marketplace and YouTube.

To round out the digital experience, the retailer built a digital community around the hub with a PopJam channel and in-feed ads, putting the experience at the center of kids’ conversations.

As experts on kids audiences and the youth advertising landscape, SuperAwesome’s solutions ensured both performance and safety for the activation. From providing insights-driven creative designs to choosing the most relevant influencer partners, SuperAwesome was critical to the campaign’s success.

The Results


92% of kids who saw an ad for the retailer experience asked their parents to buy toys from the retailer


40% sentiment increase about the retailer among kids


Drove a 23% increase in brand awareness among kids and 18% among parents

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*Source: KidScreen 2020