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[Infographic] Gen Z: the family Chief Technology Officer

When it comes to technology and gaming, Gen Z’s opinion matters. In fact, 85% of parents actively consider their children’s opinions when purchasing tech, electronics, and games. Parents view their children as experts when it comes to choosing which brand to buy and what features are most important. To drive tech purchases, brands should consider the influence kids and teens have over the family unit.

[Webinar] Meet the Family CTO

Join our tech and consumer electronics webinar to discover:

✓ How the family democracy puts kids in charge of tech for the home

✓ Why brands need to prioritise engaging with younger audiences to drive purchases now while also developing loyalty that lasts a lifetime

[Case study] How Universal Pictures spread the word about ‘The Bad Guys’ by leveraging SuperAwesome’s young audience & family expertise

Universal Pictures was after an effective and creative way to shout about the launch of ‘The Bad Guys’. With a target audience of kids, young teens, and families, Universal Pictures partnered with SuperAwesome and Mediacom to develop a multi-platform digital strategy which took the nuances of engaging young people & families online into consideration.