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Women in Tech: An interview with Anna Birchall, Product Manager

At SuperAwesome, we’re committed to ensuring team members grow and up-skill within their team, and the company as a whole. Anna Birchall joined SuperAwesome as an intern in 2015, and became Head of Publisher Development in 2017. Since then, her appetite for knowledge and technical nous have caused her to pivot into Product Management. Here, she talks about how her career direction changed, and what she does every day to make the internet safer for kids.

5 product development challenges of building a new category

For context, today our kidtech is used by hundreds of companies (and thousands of apps) all over the world to enable safe engagement with over half a billion kids every month. This is 100x bigger than what we were thinking in the beginning.

We were building something which doesn’t exist, in an industry that doesn’t exist, for an audience which wasn’t visible. These are five key lessons we’ve learned along the way.