When it comes to household streaming choices, young audiences’ voices are key in influencing what platforms families subscribe to, as well as what content they watch. While cost is a factor in motivating subscription purchases, kids’ and family content needs are the #1 reason a parent will subscribe to a streaming service for the household.

Half of parents include their children living at home in the final decision of what streaming platforms to subscribe to. In order to gain and retain family subscriptions, brands need to understand how to best engage and provide value to young audiences. 

SuperAwesome’s new study, Gen Alpha and Gen Z: In Control of the Family Remote, explores how parents make streaming decisions for the household, the importance of content specifically for young streaming audiences, and how Gen Alpha and Gen Z find out about new content they’re excited to see.

Here’s a sneak peek into some key insights from our research:

  • Kid and family-related content needs have become even more important in parents’ decisions to stay subscribed to a platform – up by 31% in the US and 24% in the UK since 2021.
  • The streaming needs of the family outweigh cost considerations, even amidst uncertain economic times, with parents ranking new content for their kids and showing their child’s favorite franchise above cost (by 25%) when asked what factors ensure they’ll retain their subscriptions.
  • Two thirds of Gen Zers aged 16-24 are living in the family home, with half saying they’re involved in family streaming decisions.

This new research, which surveyed 2,026 parents of Gen Alpha and 890 Gen Zers across the US and UK, is an essential resource for streaming brands looking to obtain and retain family subscriptions. The insights provided offer brands a better understanding of how to best connect with these influential audiences. Download Gen Alpha and Gen Z: In Control of the Family Remote to access our latest report.

Looking for more?

If you’re interested in the streaming decisions of families in France and Germany, check out our reports page to download the French and German versions of our study!

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