Reach the right audience with influencer marketing and engage safely with under-16s and families.

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“55% of Generation Alpha would purchase a product that was endorsed by an influencer”¹

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SuperAwesome Creators: Brand-safe kids influencer marketing and content creation

With SuperAwesome Creators your brand is given a voice through popular and trusted social media influencers. Raise awareness and drive conversions with authentic branded content that is kid and family safe.

We understand the important role social media plays in your brand marketing. SuperAwesome Creators is the safest and most efficient way to reach under-16s and families. We select the right influencers and content for your specific KPIs and help to ensure your campaign results are optimized.


Branded Social Content

SuperAwesome can help you reach kids and families safely across multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. From kids to teens, to parents, aspirational role models and family talent, we have access to an unlimited pool of global influencers to collaborate with on your next campaign.


PR & Earned Opportunities

To amplify your campaign, we also work with nano and micro-influencers for earned opportunities. Working with up-and-coming talent allows you to expand your reach and create more buzz for your brand in a cost-effective way.


Influencer-led Asset Creation

We know that influencer-led content outperforms regular ad units. We commission influencers to create content for you to use across your media buys to grab your target audience’s attention and over-deliver on your KPIs.


Research Projects

Hear it from the early adopters themselves! Influencers can act as your very own focus group, providing feedback on your products for R&D.



Safety first

SuperAwesome Creators ensures your campaigns not only reach the right audience but only run within safe content and channels that are appropriate for your brand. Our SafeFam pledge has been designed to empower talent to better understand the digital requirements of a youth audience.


Youth Expertise

Kids Insights, PopJam, and our strong relationships with influencers keep us on top of the trends to ensure your content is relevant and resonates with under 16s. No one knows kids and teens better than we do!

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Unbiased talent selection

We select only the best content creators reaching today’s kids and match them to your specific campaign needs. We do not represent any talent; allowing us to be completely unbiased when selecting talent, providing you with the best fit for your campaign. If you want to reach kids, teens, or parents with your message across their favorite social platforms while ensuring brand safety we can help!


Case Study: How Penguin Young Readers increased brand engagement with their youth audience

Read our case study to find out how Penguin Young Readers, a division of the world’s largest trade publisher, Penguin Random House, used SuperAwesome Creators to safely grow social engagement with their young audience titles and brands.

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If you want to reach kids, teens, or parents with your message across their favorite social platforms while ensuring brand safety we can help!

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¹Futures 2020, Wunderman Thompson Commerce