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How SuperAwesome can help you

SuperAwesome’s technology is used by top brands and publishers around the world to make the Internet safer for kids. In order for you to develop the best possible kid-safe solutions, we have created some tools that will help you. You can find our tools by product below.

How SuperAwesome scales containers for KidTech

Containers are a critical part of SuperAwesome’s infrastructure, allowing us to grow very rapidly without losing focus on our goals. Sometimes, some really simple changes can allow you to save you money, build simpler infrastructure, ensure a better developer experience, and reduce maintenance.

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How we identify kids in apps and sites with KidSwitch

Every day over 170,000 kids go online for the first time, mostly using an internet that was only ever designed for adults. So it’s very easy for kids to find the wrong content; or to look at the right content, but on a platform which wrongly assumes they’re adults. Historically the approach to this issue has been age-gating (asking a child to confirm they’re over 13), which makes everyone feel better but doesn’t actually solve the underlying problem.

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How to implement a kid-safe video player using PopJam

How you can implement a kid-safe video player using PopJam

As you’re probably aware, YouTube is a platform for adults. This means that when you are embedding their player into your app, the player embed code will be tracking the user. PopJam’s technology makes it straightforward to embed a safe, private video player into your app or site.

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