The UK’s Children’s Code is law. What happens next?

Wednesday was the first day of a new era of online protections for kids. The Age Appropriate Design Code became law in the UK, impacting companies around the world. Any website, app or digital service with users or operations in the UK will now have to consider the best interests of their under-18 audience in designing their services. Read More

UK’s Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham: “A generation from now, regulations protecting kids online will be as normal as seatbelts”

On Episode 11 of #Kidtech, our CEO Dylan Collins was joined by the UK’s Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham. She leads the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which is responsible for regulating data privacy in the UK; overseeing the data protection practices of companies, charities, and government agencies.  Read More

#Kidtech Season Two Episode Ten: Stephen Sharer, YouTuber

In Episode Ten of #Kidtech Season Two, we were joined by Stephen Sharer, the well known YouTuber whose channel now has almost 8 million subscribers and in excess of 3 billion views. Stephen sat with SuperAwesome CEO, Dylan Collins, to discuss how he came to be such a success, his experience with YouTube and TikTok and his expansion into the gaming industry with the release of his game Rocket Slide. Read More