5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know about Gaming Avatar Customization

In 2023, the average Roblox player amended their avatar eight times a day. That number will be higher again in 2024, and not just because the items available are becoming cooler, higher fidelity, and more widely available. Firstly, there are all kinds of ways that a player can amend their… Read More

New Report! Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity

Gaming platforms like Fortnite are THE key to engaging kids and teens. In partnership with WPP, our new report Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity explores the gaming ecosystem, offering a wealth of insights on how to build genuine connections with young audiences. Key insights inside: The… Read More

Gaming industry leaders Gamefam and SuperAwesome join forces to bring brands successfully to the metaverse

Gamefam, the leading metaverse strategist and developer, and SuperAwesome, the experts in effective youth engagement, are excited to announce their partnership. The partnership sees the industry heavyweights join forces across multiple fronts including: offering brands a holistic metaverse strategy, executions that build… Read More

The Big-Little Family Influencers: How to harness the power of family co-viewing to effectively engage preschoolers

Preschool brands are navigating a new era, one where the influence of tech-savvy youngsters extends beyond mere toy preferences, impacting entire family purchasing decisions. SuperAwesome’s new research found that a whopping 95% of parents acknowledge their preschoolers’ influence on what they buy for them, and 85% say they impact what… Read More

SuperAwesome celebrates Safer Internet Day 2024

This year’s Safer Internet Day theme of ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’ is a call to action to understand and build a safer internet for the next generation. Safer Internet Day has become a landmark event in the online safety… Read More

SuperAwesome Leadership acquires company from Epic Games

UPDATE: Today, we are pleased to announce that we have closed the transaction in which the SuperAwesome management team acquired most of SuperAwesome from Epic Games. *** 9.28.23: Today the management team and I are announcing our intention to acquire most of SuperAwesome from Epic Games. We will continue to… Read More

New Infographic! The Path to Toy Sales Success

Kids are the driving force behind today’s toy sales, and brands can’t afford to ignore how they’re reshaping the market. Our latest infographic The Path to Toy Sales Success: Winning Strategies for Toy Brands in a Tough Economy is full of new data exploring kids’ influence on family toy purchases… Read More