During the pandemic, kids and teens turned to live platforms such as Discord, Twitch, and YouTube to watch content, chat, and hang out in real time. Since then, the live trend has continued to grow in popularity, with a study from Ofcom stating that, more than half of all young participants view live-streamed video content, increasing to 80% among 16-17-year-olds. 

As young consumers shift into this new era of entertainment, brands are beginning to recognize the importance of activating in live spaces. However, navigating this new landscape can be complex. Working with a partner that prioritizes safer practices and processes to create a positive viewer experience is a win-win for both brand and youth audiences. 

In partnership with SuperAwesome, LEGO Fortnite is hosting live streams that leverage safer streaming practices whilst delivering high levels of engagement and visibility. 

How LEGO Fortnite Used Kid-Safe Live Streams To Bring Gaming Content to Life - SuperAwesome

The LEGO Group came to SuperAwesome to create an influencer campaign that would attract a variety of gamers to the brand-new LEGO Fortnite game.

Getting the right talent to unlock this audience was essential. The first creator that was approached by the SuperAwesome Creators team was Kreekcraft, one of the biggest family-friendly gamers in the space with over 9.6M subscribers. KreekCraft is no stranger to a live environment, streaming daily for his fans on YouTube and consistently attracting over 300k views.

Also in the talent pool was NickEh30, one of the biggest active Fortnite streamers, with over 7.6M subscribers. KreekCraft was a huge fan of NickEh30 and had wanted to collaborate with him for a while. And what better environment for them to meet in than the best collaboration in the gaming space – LEGO Fortnite? 

The creators chatted back and forth for 2 hours and live-streamed to over 7.7k concurrent viewers. The stream’s views after 7 days were 300k, and 64.5k live stream chats showed an engagement rate of 3.4%, over 3x SuperAwesome’s benchmark of 1%. 

The viewers loved the stream, comments poured in celebrating the positive experience. 

”This was the first time I ever watched an entire stream”

”This was a great stream. Do more like this!”


”This will go down in history”

”My two favorite family-friendly creators going head to head is gonna be crazy”

This successful LEGO Fortnite Stream was delivered with SuperAwesome’s safer streaming practices. Here are 3 key learnings for brands that are looking to activate in live environments:

1. Make sure you’re working with the right creators

Live environments have an inherent element of risk. To ensure that campaigns run smoothly, there has to be a high level of trust between the streamer and the brand. Both Kreekcraft and NickEh30 were experienced in working with brands and running live content and were, therefore, the right talent to bring this activation to life. 

How LEGO Fortnite Used Kid-Safe Live Streams To Bring Gaming Content to Life - SuperAwesome

2. Work with moderation experts to keep streams safe

Ultimately, young audiences want to feel safe online, so it’s beneficial to both audience and brand to keep streams age-appropriate at all times. Having live human moderators watching the stream, particularly when the chat is active, helps to ensure this safety.

3. Activating in live environments should be seen as an alliance between the audience, creator, and brand

With positive safer streaming practices, brands will be able to see high engagement rates in the spaces where youth audiences authentically exist. Just ask LEGO Fortnite.

If you’d like to learn more about how to activate your brand safely in live-stream environments – get in touch with the SuperAwesome team!