Building a safer internet for the next generation

SuperAwesome is a team of superheroes, with one mission: to build a better internet for YOU. Sound epic? Well, it kind of is! The SuperAwesome team works with amazing brands, websites and apps to make sure they are giving you the most exciting, fun and safe experiences, from top class games to jaw-dropping videos, quizzes, competitions and more!

We know that it can be hard to keep track of everything your children are doing online across multiple screens. SuperAwesome’s SAFE AD watermark helps protect your child from seeing harmful advertising content where there is:
  • No pressure to buy
  • No harmful content
  • No online behavioural tracking

The SAFE AD watermark signifies:

All ads served by SuperAwesome technology are watermarked, ensuring campaigns benefit from the highest standard of digital safety for young audiences.

The content of the ad is entirely appropriate for young people, including messaging, images, and links. If you see an ad with our watermark that you don’t feel is appropriate, please send us a screenshot on [email protected]

The ad is compliant with data-privacy laws like COPPA in the US and GDPR-K in the EU, specifically designed to protect young audiences. Our ads don’t collect any personal data and never track your kids around the web.

Both the advertiser and the content in which the ad appears have been reviewed by our expert moderation team to ensure they are kid-safe.