AwesomeAds is the leading ad platform for Gen Alpha and Gen Z, built with privacy at the forefront

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+155 billion

Available monthly impressions reaching 500M uniques across mobile, OTT/VOD, web, gaming, and YouTube

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Drive efficiency…

✓ Machine learning and expert human review align hyper-specific contextual placement to your target audience

✓ High-engagement, custom creative formats


…Without compromising brand or user safety

✓ No cookie-based behavioral targeting or user profiling

✓ Ad suitability assessment and delivery across all publishers and channels


AwesomeAds Marketplace

✓ The largest youth digital content marketplace in the world, connecting advertisers to over 5.4 billion Gen Z and Gen Alpha impressions across mobile apps, OTT/VOD, and web

✓ Custom in-house creative formats drive high performance and immersive engagement

✓ Designed for safety and appropriateness for all ages – all ad creative and placements are human reviewed and delivered through our proprietary technology, which is certified compliant with COPPA

AwesomeAds Marketplace’s proprietary contextual targeting technology is certified under the FTC’s COPPA Safe Harbor program by the kidSAFE Seal Program, the ESRB’s Privacy Certified Kids Seal, and the CARU COPPA Safe Harbor program.

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SuperAwesome Ad Platform (Awesome Ads) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

The COPPA Safe Harbor Programs do not certify individual ads or ad campaigns.


AwesomeAds for Social

✓ 588B+ monthly views across social, including 112K YouTube channels curated by machine learning and human review for youth suitability and safety

✓ 65 suitability points and vetting criteria ensure your ads deliver against content that aligns with your audience and brand safety values


AwesomeAds for In-Game

✓ 7B+ monthly in-game billboard impressions available

✓ Scaled across 394+ games on Roblox, consoles, and mobile

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