How Post® PEBBLES™ increased purchase intent by 36% with a multi-channel kids digital strategy

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Post PEBBLES™ is the number 1 selling kids cereal brand, with more than 1.4 billion bowls eaten annually*. As primary customers and purchase-drivers, children are an essential audience for Post. To ensure parents continue to choose PEBBLES™ in the cereal aisle, the brand needed a trusted partner to help them build affinity with kids in a safe and compliant way.

The Challenge

With kids at the forefront of its brand strategy, Post PEBBLES™ required a partner that could navigate the complexities of reaching young audiences while creating immersive digital experiences. The digital strategy needed to reach the right kids, with engaging content that put the brand at the center of kid and family social conversations.

“From premium inventory at scale to engaging creative, SuperAwesome is our one stop shop.”

– Alyssa Papa, Associate Director – Digital Strategy & Activation at Spark on behalf of Post PEBBLES™

The Solution

For three years and counting, Post PEBBLES™ has turned to SuperAwesome as its preferred partner in delivering effective and safe digital kids campaigns. Post PEBBLES™ uses SuperAwesome’s leading kidtech solutions and kids behavioral and trend insights to successfully reach its target audience.

Kids’ content consumption is increasingly fragmented. To complement the brand’s linear TV spend and safely reach kids in digital environments, Post PEBBLES™ used SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds marketplace and KidSafe Social Video solution.

“There’s only so much inventory on linear TV. SuperAwesome gives us a way to reach kids on all other channels and platforms, from YouTube to in-app, in an effective and most importantly, safe way.” – Alyssa Papa, Associate Director – Digital Strategy & Activation at Spark on behalf of Post PEBBLES™.

Influencers allow brands to create engaging content that resonates with kids and families. Post PEBBLES™ leveraged SuperAwesome’s unlimited talent pool through SuperAwesome Creators, working with five massive creator families to drive traffic to family-friendly recipes and activities on its site. In 30 days, the campaign drove more than 3.2 million views across Post PEBBLES™’ trending YouTube videos.

Considering the limitations of measuring success with kids digital campaigns, Post PEBBLES™ ran KidsLift studies to quantify brand impact, as far down the funnel as purchase intent. SuperAwesome provided a comprehensive pre- and post-campaign analysis for Post PEBBLES™ to effectively measure ROI.

“When we do something custom, from the insights, to the content creation, to the follow up and results, everything is super buttoned up, clear, and concise.”

– Alyssa Papa, Associate Director – Digital Strategy & Activation at Spark on behalf of Post PEBBLES™

The Results

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Post campaign, fans of PEBBLES™ cereal were 36% more likely to ask their parents to buy PEBBLES™ cereal


After kids saw an ad for PEBBLES™ cereal, brand affinity increased by 37%


90% of kids who watched a PEBBLES™ cereal ad were driven to take action after seeing the campaign

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