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SuperAwesome is your trusted partner in delivering responsible youth digital marketing campaigns that make an impact. Our technology is purpose-built for kids (under 12) and Young Teens (under 16) to protect young audiences and your brand.

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87% of parents say their children influence their purchasing decisions.

Safely reach kids and Young Teens at every touchpoint of the digital journey

Kids and Young Teens have growing influence over household purchasing decisions. But engaging these audiences in digital environments can be complex — from identifying the most relevant channels and content formats to complying with global privacy laws.

Our kid-safe technology and youth behavioral insights, derived from millions of data points specific to under-16 audiences, drive efficient and 360-degree campaigns for your brand.

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Global reach and scale

Access more than 300 million kids and Young Teens to drive brand awareness across the largest under-16 content marketplace.

Reach more than 40,000 relevant and safe kids and family YouTube channels, delivering over 370 billion monthly views globally.

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Technology purpose-built for kids and Young Teens

Responsibly engage with under-16 audiences in digital environments by using our award-winning technology.

Protect young audiences and your brand with appropriate publishers and channels, accurately classified through AI moderation tools and backed by a rigorous human review process.

Stay on the pulse of complex and ever-changing global privacy regulations, which can vary by location.

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Effective youth digital marketing strategies

Leverage our expertise in the kids digital landscape to inform the most efficient youth strategy to meet your goals.

Develop the most relevant and appropriate content formats for your youth audience through an insights-driven approach.

Maximize engagement and minimize wastage by getting branded content in front of the right youth audience through powerful contextual targeting.

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Content and creative

Our in-house Creative Studio delivers insights-driven content and creative to delight young audiences and inspire engagement.

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We offer efficient and effective contextual youth digital advertising solutions at scale across mobile, web, streaming TV, and YouTube.

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Community and creators

Build authentic relationships with your ideal youth and family audience through appropriate influencer marketing and non-toxic social community solutions.

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Trusted by over 300 of the top kids brands and content owners

  • Nike
  • Outfit7
  • Netflix
  • Nick
  • Warner Bros
  • EA
  • Sega
  • Ubisoft
  • Kelloggs
  • Hasbro
  • Mattel
  • Unilever

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