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Our products and programmes are specifically designed for content creators and influencers who are committed to creating great digital content for kids. SuperAwesome gives you the tools and can connect you with some of the world’s greatest brands.



Work with big brands

By showing you how to be kid-safe and brand-safe we can help you attract many more brands to work with. This way you can be even more of a premium channel featuring the best brands.


Become a kid-safe trailblazer

Become a kid-safe trailblazer: you can showcase on social media that you are committed to being kid-safe by using the SafeFam seal. Plus we will keep you up to date on the latest news as well!


Boost your numbers

We can offer you more than just brand opportunities on YouTube. Consider having a channel on PopJam, boosting your reach and revenue venues even more.

How SuperAwesome can help you

Our solutions can help you create kid-safe and brand-safe content.

Engage with your followers

Connect and communicate with your followers through our under-13 social platform: PopJam.

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Be more credible

Enrol in SafeFam to showcase to brands that you are committed to create kid-safe and brand-safe content.

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