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Gaming has become the #1 hobby and form of entertainment and community. Influenced by the social & interconnected game platforms like Roblox and Fortnite, youth audiences are playing, discovering & connecting with brands (and each other) in a whole new way.

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SuperAwesome Gaming empowers brands to deliver safe, exciting, and insights-driven gaming programs to reach Gen Alpha and Gen Z


Audience Expertise

With audience insights at the heart of everything we do, we turn brands into Gen Alpha and Gen Z experts.


360° Gaming Strategy

It takes a lot more than a game to drive success in the metaverse. We amplify your brand’s gaming activations across digital channels.


Brand Authenticity and Safety

We thrive at the intersection of brands and gaming – bringing safe and purposeful creative value to gaming experiences.

Learn how Sky Broadband bring their game-changing, Gigafast speeds to life in a popular Fortnite speed run integration

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We help brands build award-winning gaming activations.


Build in-game experiences

✓ Drive turnkey brand awareness with static, GIF, and video in-game billboards

✓ Integrate your brand in existing games your audience loves

✓ Build a custom branded game

✓ Deliver a branded esports partnership


Scaled media amplification

In-Game Ads
✓ +7B monthly impressions available across in-game billboards and in-game portals – contextual placement and clear ad disclosures put brand safety and user experience at the forefront.

Around the Game Ads
✓ +18B monthly available impressions across our AwesomeAds Marketplace and +588B monthly views across 112K vetted and categorized YouTube channels reaching Gen Alpha and Gen Z gamers.


Gaming creator content

✓ Fully managed gamer creator partnerships deliver engaging content that aligns with your brand message and drives fandom.

✓ Amplify creator cut-downs across our scaled in-app marketplace, OTT, and YouTube.

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Game With Me: Building brand-safe live events

✓ Utilize the power of creators to reach a gaming audience via an intimate and engaging live experience

✓ Generate buzz and social hype with creator-led event content including video highlights and ads

✓ Potential to earn CTRs that are 8% higher on average vs other videos, and +155 billion youth-safe impressions and video views each month across YouTube, mobile apps, OTT/VOD, and web via AwesomeAds.

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