Sky Broadband bring their game-changing, Gigafast speeds to life in a popular Fortnite speed run integration

📍 Location: UK


1.8M views across TikTok and YouTube (41% above total reach target)

1.4M total active players 

600K hours played

(Over 6 weeks)

Sky Gigafast

The Challenge

One of the most popular internet service providers in the UK, Sky Broadband, is on a mission to win as the leading internet provider for gamers. In a competitive, highspeed market, an innovative, buzz-driving strategy was required to launch the brand’s fastest ever product, Sky Broadband Gigafast.

The gaming community cares about reliability and speed, but they are also cynical and require compelling proof points to build brand trust. The launch strategy needed to ensure that gamers truly understood and felt the value Sky Broadband Gigafast could bring them. 


The Solution

Using audience analysis and deep dive into Sky’s brand, SuperAwesome created an authentic, value-added Fortnite strategy to unlock youth gamer spending power.

Sky partnered with SuperAwesome Gaming, Alliance Studios, EssenceMediacom and Hogarth Metaverse Foundry to integrate the Sky Broadband Gigafast brand into a top-ranked Fortnite Deathrun speed map. By integrating into an existing creator-built map, Sky tapped into a community of engaged players, aligning with gameplay that users already love.

To weave the brand’s message around Sky Broadband Gigafast, their fastest broadband, into the game, speed gains were earned throughout the map. Fueled by Sky Broadband Gigafast branded Speed Zones, users had the ability to complete fun and challenging obstacles faster than ever before. Sky branding and logos were featured throughout to create powerful associations for gamers.


FINAL ( (800 × 600 px)

To drive buzz around the integration, Sky partnered with the SuperAwesome Creators team to build branded creator content with the #1 UK Fortnite YouTuber*, Ali-A. The content was then amplified across YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to increase reach across Sky’s target audience and the wider Fortnite community.

The integration is an icon of brand success in Fortnite – enhancing gameplay through a seamless experience aligned to their core brand value.

The partnership drove consideration for Sky Broadband Gigafast, increased awareness for Sky Broadband, and shifted perceptions to that of a high-speed provider against tough market-leading competition.

Real World Insight-led focus group research indicated that after being exposed to the integration, gamers (‘both users and non-users’) were more likely to rank Sky Broadband higher for both speed and consideration than prior to exposure. Highlighting that this integration was successful at shifting speed perceptions amongst a gaming audience in a highly innovative way.

*Source: Tubular, December, 2022

Digiday Award

The campaign won a Digiday Award for Best Multi-Channel Content Distribution Strategy and was a finalist for Best Collaboration.

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