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Learn how toy companies are approaching 2021, what tops their agendas, and how they are tackling their kid-safe digital strategy.

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Learn how youth gaming patterns are changing and what companies should do to get ahead.

We look deeper into findings and solutions for brands to leverage this crucial US holiday season.

Following on from our groundbreaking report ‘Everyone is a kids and family brand now’, we explore the findings in greater detail but also look at the changes we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

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Watch this webinar to take a look at 2019’s biggest trends, the impact they’ll have on 2020 and what’s coming next.

This is essential material for anyone operating in the kids sector from a marketing, planning or strategy perspective.

The landscape of kids digital media is ever-changing and companies need to be adapting their strategies.

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A rapidly changing legal landscape, combined with increased public interest in how children’s data is collected, used and stored, requires companies who operate in the kids’ space to remain up-to-date on the latest developments. Educating marketers, agencies and publishers about these rules and best practices is something we are passionate about here at SuperAwesome.

It’s why we created Kidaware, educating over 700 industry professionals every year around the world.