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Brands in the metaverse: practical advice for engaging with young people

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Your audience is already a citizen of the evolving metaverse

The metaverse – best understood as a network of immersive 3D experiences – has been touted as the next frontier of the internet. While the metaverse is still under development and adults are working to build it, there are parts of it that already exist and kids and Young Teens have already moved in.

Our research shows that brands looking to connect with young audiences need to include gaming in their digital strategies.

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You will learn:

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Foundational Knowledge

Overview of how the next generation are engaging with the evolving metaverse today, broken down by different age groups

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What’s Trending

Insight into how brands are successfully connecting with young audiences in immersive gaming platforms

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Cutting Edge Practices

Leave with practical advice on how brands can leverage the evolving metaverse, with a guide to branded metaverse engagement with young people

To understand how the metaverse is evolving, brands need to pay close attention to how young people are using gaming platforms

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