A training program for YouTube content creators.

Designed to empower content creators to better understand the digital requirements of the under-13 audience.


SafeFam: Training for family & kids content creators on YouTube

Why did we create SafeFam?

Because YouTube is designed for adults, they cannot provide many guidelines for family and kids creators.

We decided to step in and establish a set of standards to help family and kids content creators understand the requirements of the under-13 audience.

How do I get SafeFam trained?



We assess whether your channel and content is appropriate for SafeFam training.


Training program

Take part in our SafeFam training program to understand the key requirements of engaging with a kids audience on YouTube and other platforms.


Take our pledge

After training you sign the SafeFam pledge, committing to the principles of kid-safe digital engagement on YouTube.

Meet some of the SafeFam-trained YouTubers

Nikki Nixon headshot photo

Nikki Nixon, mother of Hope Marie and SuperHeroKids

“Being the parent of influencers is stressful. The guidance from SafeFam makes me confident that my kids are going to be safe producing content for YouTube and not going to end up as the subject of a scandal. It gives me peace of mind.”

Denis headshot photo


“I am excited to be a part of SafeFam because it recognizes that my content is safe for kids and suitable for brands.”

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Cupcake Surprise Toys

“We are thrilled to be certified through the SafeFam program and that parents and brands know our content is safe and our channel is a trusted place to engage with kids.”

Meet some of the SafeFam-trained agencies!

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