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Meet the Family CTO

Watch our tech and consumer electronics webinar to discover:

✓ How the family democracy puts youth in charge of tech for the home

✓ Why brands need to prioritise engaging with younger audiences to drive purchases now while also developing loyalty that lasts a lifetime

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How do young people influence family purchasing and what does this mean for brands?

Our new research looks at how parents make decisions on which brands to buy and which features are most important.

We explore at what point children are brought into the purchase decision (spoiler: it’s earlier than you think) and how brands can make sure to be the top choice for family tech purchasing.

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You will learn:


Foundational Knowledge

Overview of how parents make technology purchase decisions


What’s Trending

Where do parents and children look when doing research on which items to buy


Cutting Edge Practices

How your brand can be the number one choice for family purchasing

Grow your brand with effective and safe youth marketing

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