How the BBC used SuperAwesome to effectively reach kids for their BBC iPlayer streaming service.

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“The BBC and SuperAwesome’s company ethics align, enabling us to reach and engage with kids on YouTube in a brand safe and responsible way.”

– Emma Lucas, Media Portfolio Lead for the BBC

The BBC, a leading entertainment provider, was looking for a multi-platform partner that shared its safety and compliance ethics when it came to engaging under-16 audiences online. In partnership with Havas and SuperAwesome, the BBC wanted to take a compliant digital-first approach to increase kids’ viewership and engagement with its BBC iPlayer streaming service.

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The Challenge

The BBC and its agency partner, Havas, understood the challenges and privacy issues that came with reaching the BBC’s youth audience on digital publishers and platforms like YouTube.

The BBC was in search of a partner that could help reach its ideal audience and live up to its brand-safety standards.

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The Solution

The BBC and Havas partnered with SuperAwesome to reach and engage with kids throughout their digital journey, ultimately leading them to the BBC iPlayer. Built on extensive kids data and insights, SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds solutions enabled the BBC to reach its desired audience in a safe and contextual way.

With SuperAwesome’s ability to run campaigns cross-platforms, the BBC was able to reach their target audience on all digital destinations that matter. The BBC leveraged SuperAwesome’s kid-safe social platform, PopJam, to develop deep relationships with kids, driving engagement and interactivity around kids’ favorite BBC shows. At the same time, the BBC was reaching kids via compliant pre-rolls on YouTube and engaging with them using bespoke, interactive in-game ads across their favourite apps and platforms.

“The shows that we advertised within the pre-roll creative were predominantly the ones that were visited the most, post click, in iPlayer. We’ve seen huge levels of post-click user journeys, way more than any other BBC-tracked campaign that was live at the same time.” – Emma Lucas, Media Portfolio Lead for BBC Read more

SuperAwesome delivers more kid-safe digital engagements than any other platform. This experience fuels its in-house design team with an unparalleled understanding of the creative that resonates best with young audiences. The team developed insight-led ad units that resonated with the BBC’s target audience. Knowing kids are more open than adults to digital experience interruptions, the BBC drove kids to watch their top shows in a way that felt organic and immersive for the audience.

The BBC and Havas’ partnership with SuperAwesome drove a comprehensive digital experience for kids, ultimately driving maximum traffic to the BBC iPlayer and outperforming its brand KPIs.

The Results


SuperAwesome pre-roll drove the most kids’ traffic to the BBC iPlayer site compared to all the BBC paid media campaigns during the same period.


Animated filmstrip interstitial performed 5x the engagement rate benchmark.


Drove 10.6 million impressions across kid-safe sites, games, apps, and social video.

“SuperAwesome is a multi-platform partner for us to get to our incredibly hard to reach youth audience. With everything we do with SuperAwesome, we see amazing results.”

– Emma Lucas, Media Portfolio Lead for the BBC

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