Building social communities for the U13 metaverse

PopJam is the place for kids, game builders and content creators to connect safely online.

Kids spend a large chunk  of their time online – whether that’s playing games, chatting with friends or consuming content.  However, the kids gaming ecosystem lacks platforms dedicated to helping them safely connect and share their experiences.

PopJam enables safe, non-toxic communities for under-13s to interact online without compromising on fun.

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Why are U13 communities important?

Gaming is about more than just playing games. It’s a complex and exciting world of interactions between players, influencers and communities.

Under-13s form an active user base in the world of gaming, however there are limited dedicated spaces for them to safely engage with groups of like-minded kids.

This leaves brands and game builders with minimal avenues to connect with this audience.

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PopJam combines the key pillars required for community growth



Leverage PopJam’s ‘Groups’ feature to build like-minded communities around games, brands and interests.

Groups generate a highly-engaged, loyal user base supercharging time spent on your game and building brand loyalty.



Deepen brand and game engagement with interactive and creative content.

PopJam brings a broad suite of features to kids, allowing them to engage in Daily Challenges, quizzes,  polls and much more – all amplifying reach. Brands have the opportunity to craft truly interactive  moments which in turn can result in further audience learnings & insights.

PopJam Kids Trends Reports: PopJam’s highly-engaged audience of kids gives us a direct insight into the trends emerging in the lives of kids globally.

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All this, with safety at heart

Safety can’t be an afterthought, especially when it comes to delivering uncompromised under-13 experiences.
PopJam prides itself on being a non-toxic community platform for kids, and embeds safety at the heart of its design:

  1. Two-layered moderation: AI software coupled with live 24-hour human review
  2. Creators/influencers that are curated by SuperAwesome commit to our SafeFam values

Want to figure out your gaming strategy first?

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PopJam is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

To learn more about PopJam, get in touch today:

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