Animated stickers are often even more popular than standard sticker packs. PopJammers love sticking them on everything! These are created, as a paid service, by our content team. If you have received this guide, you are considering creating your own animated sticker pack. This document provides direction on design work and therefore the assets that our team needs to receive to build the pack.

The animated sticker packs should feature between 8 to 12 individual animated gifs. We require the stickers as individual gifs. The animations should have a transparent background, be within a 350x350px area and no larger than 100KB. The stickers should be ordered in number priority in the order you wish them to appear. Please name with the following convention (replacing ‘name’ with the name of your pack) using underscores instead of spaces and always using lowercase:

  • name_01.gif
  • name_02.gif, etc

If this is not possible talk to us about animating your assets.


  • Frame rate is 24fps
  • Avoid using MovieClips, even in the library. Use graphic symbols instead
  • Shape Tweens might need to be converted to frame by frame animations once you are ready to export, as it can cause white edges once in PopJam
  • Instead of using the export option from Flash, use the publish settings option, make sure that the “Smooth” checkbox is unticked, as that will avoid introducing any antialiasing.


  • Check that the animated gif is no larger than 100KB
  • Keep width and height under 350×350 pixels
  • Try limiting the number of frames to start with to keep filesize down
  • Avoid Gradients
  • Try to stick to a web safe colour palette to avoid colour shifts
  • Avoid using dithering
  • Avoid transparent colours

What we require

  • Between 8 to 16 animated gifs (under 100KB)
  • Header image (see previous section on static stickers)
  • Promotional post (see previous section on static stickers)*
  • The sticker you would like to be used as the main icon
  • The title of the pack
  • The company name

Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks

*You will need to provide these images if you agreed to design your own creatives