New Report! Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity

Gaming platforms like Fortnite are THE key to engaging kids and teens. In partnership with WPP, our new report Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity explores the gaming ecosystem, offering a wealth of insights on how to build genuine connections with young audiences. Key insights inside: The… Read More

New Infographic! The Path to Toy Sales Success

Kids are the driving force behind today’s toy sales, and brands can’t afford to ignore how they’re reshaping the market. Our latest infographic The Path to Toy Sales Success: Winning Strategies for Toy Brands in a Tough Economy is full of new data exploring kids’ influence on family toy purchases… Read More

5 idées clés pour interagir avec les générations Alpha & Z à Noël

La saison des fêtes approche à grands pas, et il est crucial pour les marques de s’adresser directement aux enfants et aux adolescents. Ces générations influencent en effet les achats de leurs parents, et définissent les tendances shopping de cette année. Découvrez cinq informations essentielles afin que votre marque reste en tête des listes de souhaits. (Toutes les données sont spécifiques à la France.) Read More

Why Younger Gen Z (16-18) Is the Future of Personal Care Brand Success

Younger Gen Z (ages 16-18) is the future of personal care; they’re setting trends and are at a critical life stage where they’re buying their first personal care products with their own money. Brands that don’t actively engage with this group may overlook the chance to foster meaningful connections and… Read More