Gen Z is unlike any generation before or after, with unique values and motivations that are being actively shaped by both the digital world they grew up in and their real-world experiences. This is a generation facing a unique set of challenges—whether it’s living through a pandemic, spearheading social movements, or struggling with escalating living costs—and they crave security and comfort in an overwhelming world.

As talked about as they are, understanding Gen Z’s completely unique customer journey and relationship with media is no easy task. SuperAwesome’s breakthrough research report, Gen Z’s Digital Discovery: Strategies for Brands to Connect, dives deep into creating strong, lasting connections with this generation, providing new strategies for engagement in gaming environments and the surrounding media ecosystem.

Here’s a sneak peek into some key insights from this comprehensive study:

  • Discover Gen Z’s three distinct life stages, and how their algorithm-driven media habits help them cope in a world of staggering choices.
  • Uncover the ways in which Gen Z is defying popularity norms by seeking authenticity and belonging within niche digital communities.
  • Understand why Gen Z views mental health as the new wealth, prioritizing safety and comfort in their digital experiences.
  • Learn about Gen Z’s unique perspectives on the advertising value exchange, and explore their surprisingly positive views on digital advertising.
  • Delve into the meaning of lifetime brand loyalty for Gen Z, learning about their product preferences and how to cultivate lasting connections.

SuperAwesome’s new report is an essential resource for brands looking to engage with this influential generation. The insights offered will help equip brands with a better understanding of Gen Z’s digital journey, paving the way for impactful, long-term connections. Download Gen Z’s Digital Discovery: Strategies for Brands to Connect to access the latest Gen Z research.