Gen Z’s Digital Discovery: Strategies for Brands to Connect

Plus the three distinct life stages you should know.

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Discover new insights and tools for connecting with today’s most talked about generation.

Dive into SuperAwesome’s breakthrough research report to understand Gen Z’s unique customer journey and relationship with media. Our comprehensive study showcases new findings surrounding this algorithm-driven generation, equipping brands with essential strategies to create meaningful connections with Gen Z.

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Did you know?


68% value happiness over making money


84% want to be part of a group of people “like me,” making belonging more important than popularity


67% like advertising and don’t use ad blockers

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Strategies for brands to connect and engage with Gen Z

Take a deep dive into Gen Z’s media consumption, digital world, and evolving brand loyalty journey.

✓ Examine Gen Z’s unique media habits across three life stages, shaped by a need for comfort and safety in a world of overwhelming choice.

✓ Discover how Gen Z values mental health as the new wealth and prioritizes safety in their digital experiences.

✓ Gain insights into this generation’s perception of the advertising value exchange and the new dimensions of lifetime brand loyalty.

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