A Bittersweet Announcement: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to PopJam  

For over seven years, SuperAwesome has led the way in building and operating non-toxic, kid-focused communities through PopJam. Our aim with PopJam was to create a safe social space made specifically for kids, and we’re proud to say we’ve been able to do that.  After a period of reflection on… Read More

How SuperAwesome helped MGA and L.O.L. navigate kids and gaming

A gaming strategy is now essential for brands to engage with young audiences We’ve been tracking kids’ ever increasing engagement with the gaming space for years now, most recently in our 2020 report How The Kids Gaming Ecosystem Has Changed. Two things are clear: kids are spending more time… Read More

Celebrating Safer Internet Day: how you can make the internet a better place

Each year, SuperAwesome celebrates Safer Internet Day (SID), a global, community-led observance dedicated to fostering a better internet for all. Making the internet safer for kids is the driving force behind our company and, with screen time at an all-time high for kids and Young Teens due to Covid-19, this purpose matters now more than ever. Read More

Behind the scenes with MediaMath’s SuperAwesome integration enabling kid-safety in programmatic advertising

MediaMath, an acclaimed independent advertising technology company for leading brands and agencies, recently announced an industry-first partnership to enable child-safety and privacy in programmatic advertising. Powered by our KidSafe Filter (part of our AwesomeAds solution), all ad impressions served to under-16 users via MediaMath are now guaranteed to… Read More