SuperAwesome has recently finalized an exclusive partnership with Club Roblox, an immersive roleplay/lifestyle game within the top 1% of the most-played games out of Roblox’s 40 million+ games. As the only partner able to sell branded activations in Club Roblox, SuperAwesome unlocks the opportunity for brands to reach a highly engaged youth audience in a highly trafficked Roblox game.

In Club Roblox, players can build houses, socialize, play mini-games, and participate in weekly events across a dynamic virtual world. According to data from Club Roblox, the game draws an impressive daily average of 1.5 million plays, and stands out in the gaming landscape with a gender split of 60% girls and 40% boys, with 55% of players under 13 and 45% 13+.

As part of this partnership, we now offer three SuperAwesome packages that provide immersive branding opportunities and ensure a powerful presence within Club Roblox:

1. Premium Billboards (13+ Only)

High-visibility Premium Billboards present turnkey opportunities for marketers to showcase their brand across six strategically placed locations within the Club Roblox world. These interactive billboards not only capture the attention of players, but also offer a free collectible item during the promotional period. These branded items remain accessible to players indefinitely, offering a long-lasting brand solution.

According to a recent study, in-game ads such as these drive 98% viewability and hold attention for an average of 3.1 seconds, surpassing the 2.9-second digital ad average. Moreover, statistics show that 59% of Gen Z gamers have made a purchase after seeing a brand featured in a game.

2. Mainstage Item Drops

Mainstage Item Drop campaigns offer a quick turnaround time and a powerful way to amplify brand engagement during themed weekly updates. These highly anticipated events feature a countdown clock that builds player excitement leading up to a grand item release, putting the spotlight on the featured brand. Mainstage Item Drops include additional benefits such as brand-specific push notifications that greet players upon opening Club Roblox and a branded takeover of the Club Roblox game title, icon, and description throughout the promotional period.

Branded mainstage items, available for a week during the update and indefinitely once redeemed, provide a unique week-long promotion and month-long exclusivity period. As players collect and keep these items, they can help forge a lasting bond with your brand.

3. Custom Integrations

SuperAwesome’s large-scale Custom Integrations offer brands bespoke experiences across a wide range of custom features, including interactive quests, events, mini-games, and non-playable characters (NPCs).

Our past collaborations with industry giants like Gap and Kids Foot Locker highlight the impact of such integrations. Gap’s virtual Club Roblox Boutique featured a teen-focused activation with a fashion-themed mini-game and other digital experiences, generating in-game clothing try-ons and storefront impressions. Kids Foot Locker’s House of Play integration let users compete in mini-games and collect tokens to be redeemed for in-game shoes with special powers.

Creators shared custom shorts and long-form video content from these activations with their followers, generating significant reach across YouTube and TikTok for young audiences. Leveraging AwesomeAds’ massive youth scale, the brands transformed creator and gameplay videos into ad cutdowns that ran across mobile, desktop, and YouTube TrueView.

Our exclusive partnership with Club Roblox creates an unparalleled opportunity for brands to authentically elevate their visibility within a high-traffic game. By leveraging Club Roblox’s tremendous reach, SuperAwesome empowers brands to create safe, meaningful connections with younger audiences.

Get in touch with SuperAwesome to discover how your brand can leverage our new Club Roblox partnership.