Gaming platforms like Fortnite are THE key to engaging kids and teens. In partnership with WPP, our new report Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity explores the gaming ecosystem, offering a wealth of insights on how to build genuine connections with young audiences.

Key insights inside:

  • The “Fortnite Factor”: When your brand makes its way into Fortnite, it benefits from a halo effect—the platform’s strengths transfer to your brand. With an up to 55% increase in brand love from Fortnite’s dedicated players (and 38% from non-Fortnite players), your brand can tap into the power of all gamers.
  • The Power of Immersive Activations: Memorable gaming experiences do more than just entertain. 66% of Fortnite gamers (and 45% of non-Fortnite gamers) show an affinity for branded content. The real game-changer? Strategic amplification that engages an even larger audience.
  • Successful Campaign Secrets: Launching a great campaign is all about understanding gaming’s unique brand experience cycle—where more than 50% of gamers say brands shine brighter on Fortnite than any other platform. Team up with partners who can ensure your campaign is a success.

Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity is a roadmap for brands looking to master the art of engaging with the next generation. WPP and SuperAwesome’s new insights will help you craft strategies that not only capture attention, but also foster deep brand love.

Download the full report now and start your journey towards creating more impactful, safe, and authentic engagement with kids and teens.

The ‘Leveraging Gaming for Brand Affinity’ report is sponsored and administered by SuperAwesome, Inc. in partnership with WPP.

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