#Kidtech Episode 22: Patricia Scanlon, Founder & CEO, Soapbox Labs

Patricia Scanlon, Founder and CEO of SoapBox Labs, has had an incredible journey in developing child-specific speech technology which enables highly accurate, age-appropriate voice-enabled experiences for children. She sat with SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins in Dublin to discuss why Big Tech, adult tech and smart speakers… Read More

Women in Tech: An interview with Kiah Shabka, Head of Information Security

At SuperAwesome, we’re committed to ensuring team members grow and up-skill within their team, and the company as a whole. In this Women in Tech series, we’ll be looking at the career paths of various women working in tech within SuperAwesome - from engineers to product managers to everything in between.  Kiah started out her cyber security career at university where she was a researcher for the university’s Strategy and Security Institute. After graduating she became a cyber security consultant, working with a range of clients from multinational corporations to high-profile individuals. In 2019 she decided to move to an in-house role, and joined SuperAwesome as their Head of InfoSec. Read More

#Kidtech Episode 21: Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, CEO Tinkercast

In Episode 21 of #Kidtech, SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins returns to Radio Waves Studio in New York to sit with Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, CEO of Tinkercast, the company behind the #1 podcast for kids right now – Wow in the World.  Meredith, Chief Executive Tinkerer (as she likes… Read More

Q3 2019 Kids Trends: VSCO girls vs E-girls, & Fortnite freak-outs

VSCO girls are the biggest key trend of Q3, but will they be replaced by E-girls? Plus, the end of Fortnite Chapter One worried gamers with a big stunt. Every quarter, we look at what’s trending in the kids space and we do this by asking the experts - actual children. We asked kids on PopJam, our safe content-sharing platform, their thoughts on a range of subjects. We don’t collect any data on PopJammers, but we do compile the most-mentioned answers to identify the top trends.  Read More

#Kidtech Episode 19: Sam Clough, Kids and Parents Expert

In Episode 19 of #Kidtech, Craig Donaghy, Head of Community Insight at PopJam (SuperAwesome’s kid-safe community platform) and Sam Clough, a leading family consultant, discuss how kids actually think about online safety.  Sam and Craig trade opinions on how much kids understand about data privacy, their own concerns around online… Read More

#Kidtech Episode 18: Darran Garnham, CEO of MTW Toys

In Episode 18 of #Kidtech, Darran Garnham, CEO of MTW Toys, Europe’s main distributor of Thinkway toys, joins SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins in London to discuss entertainment licensing, digital and physical toys, his angel investment in Calm and some of the history behind Mind Candy. A wide-ranging conversation covering the past, present and future of the kids sector. Read More

Writing production-ready kidtech code

SuperAwesome is pretty unique: we are pioneering the kidtech sector with an array of products at different maturity stages, and our engineers work seamlessly across the full stack. The concept of “production readiness” is highly influenced by the product we make, and by the culture and the people involved in designing, developing and maintaining the code. Read More

How to build COPPA & GDPR-compliant location-based games for kids

Location-based games are poised for massive growth. This segment of the market is estimated to reach $285 billion in value by 2023. Not to be outdone, game developers (and tech giants) are weighing in with ever-more immersive experiences. The biggest hurdle for developers in the kidtech space is that such games are often not playable until they can access the user’s location, but  geolocation is personal information under COPPA and GDPR-K and can’t be used without parental consent. Read More

#Kidtech Episode 17: Stuart Dredge, Music Ally/Observer/The Week Jnr

In Episode 17 of #Kidtech, Stuart Dredge, freelance journalist and writer for Music Ally, Observer and The Week Junior, joins  SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins to discuss everything from the original children’s app landscape to TikTok; from kids gaming to kids news. And Snoop Dogg, naturally. Listen here! Stuart… Read More