Summer 2020 kids trends: TikTok, Among Us, and Adopt Me!

Covid-19 remains a huge feature in PopJammers’ lives, but there are strong gaming and social trends that are helping them feel creative and connected.

We create monthly trend reports, thanks to the kids that use our PopJam platform, which allows us to give an overview of the last quarter. Note that we don’t collect any data on PopJammers, we just collate their most-mentioned replies to our monthly questions.

Over the summer months, Covid-19 remained the most talked about topic globally among PopJammers, which is not surprising considering the impact it’s had on everything from schooling to family. Some kids have returned to school and are living out the new normal, whilst varying states of lockdown are leaving others uncertain and bored.

Below, we’ve rounded up the most prominent trends we’re seeing in recent months.

Social video trends

TikTok remains incredibly popular with PopJammers. During lockdown, the video sharing platform has given kids a window into other worlds, and dance challenges to watch and take part in. Charli D’Amelio is a popular TikTok influencer among PopJammers, but mentions of Bella Poarch (who has 456 million views on one of her videos) are also starting to come in.

In addition to learning  dance moves and following their favorite influencers, PopJammers have been inspired to explore crafts and projects such as making whipped coffee, making over their rooms, and tie dying clothes. Boredom has been a great motivator for exploration, as kids have more free time than ever due to the limitations of the pandemic. There has also been some  discussion about TikTok being banned byPopJammers in the US.

On YouTube, PopJammers have been watching The Norris Nuts, Flamingo, Leah Ashe, ItsFunneh, JustJordan33, and That YouTub3 Family. Gacha remains an obsession with PopJammers, who love watching Gacha stories and mini-movies. Pranks, hacks, and crafts are also keeping kids busy on YouTube – especially art tutorials with step-by-step instructions and speed drawing.  TikTok compilations, which provide a convenient way to watch most-viewed content in one place, are also popular on YouTube, particularly among kids who aren’t allowed to download the app.

Gaming trends

PopJammers have continued to enjoy gaming – not only by actually playing games, but by watching content on YouTube, featuring gaming memes, hacks, or walkthroughs. Gaming provides  a way of connecting with friends and remaining social, especially during lockdown when they may not be able to see their pals in person or physically connect with them at school.

Adopt Me on Roblox is one of the most discussed games on PopJam, with kids mentioning everything from hacks for getting Legendary Pets to warning against Trust Trade scams. Roblox remains a huge part of their gaming lives. 

Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and Fall Guys are also played by PopJammers.In addition, online multiplayer strategy game Among Us has become a huge hit later in this quarter, with just 90 mentions in August and over 10,000 mentions in September. We’re seeing the Crewmate characters featured  all over PopJam (they’re simple enough to draw and easy to recognize) and kids are enjoying funny memes and content around the simple game.

PopJam gives kids a platform to share what they love in a space that’s been built just for them. Safety and privacy is key to allowing them to concentrate on what really matters right now: feeling connected and creative as part of a friendly community.

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