How Mondelez created a memorable brand moment for Young Teens

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“It was a really great way of showing Mondelez how simple it can be to resonate against this audience and do something that’s fun and different but super ownable for the brand.”

– Allison Zilbershatz, Director of Content at Spark on behalf of Mondelez

Mondelez International is the company behind the iconic snack brand Chips Ahoy! They aspired to build brand affinity and loyalty with the emerging and influential Young Teens cohort, ranging from 13 up to 16 years old.

To do this right, Chips Ahoy! needed to go to market in an authentic and engaging way. The brand turned to SuperAwesome for a creative, compliant, and efficient solution that would generate excitement about the return of their spokes-cookie, Chip.

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The Challenge

Chips Ahoy! was looking to reach teens at scale given how fragmented their platform and content consumption is. Not only was it a challenge to reach Young Teens at scale, but they were determined to do it in an authentic and direct way.

With National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day around the corner, Chips Ahoy! had the opportunity to raise awareness of Chips Ahoy! and of the return of Chip.

To do this safely and impactfully, the brand needed to find the right partner — one who could speak to Young Teen audiences in a way that resonated, while also adhering to youth digital privacy laws.

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The Solution

Leveraging SuperAwesome’s technology and expertise on Young Teen trends, Mondelez brought Chips Ahoy! directly into Young Teens’ lives in a fun and engaging way.

To drive engagement and make the moment ownable for Chips Ahoy!, SuperAwesome built an Instagram AR Effect, giving users a fun way to dance and engage with their spokes-cookie, Chip.

To drive awareness, Chips Ahoy! used SuperAwesome Creators to deliver a safe and effective influencer marketing campaign. As Young Teens value cultural representation, a diverse group of artists, actors, and influencers — with a combined audience of over 15.5 million users — were selected for the activation. Through Instagram stories, posts, and dances, the campaign encouraged Young Teens to engage with Chip and learn more about the Chips Ahoy! brand.

By creating a fun and memorable experience for Young Teens, Chips Ahoy! successfully captured the attention of its target audience. The brand now has experience and benchmarks for creating engaging experiences that are fun and safe for everyone.

The Results


110% above target impressions on Chips Ahoy! content within 24 hours of launch


10,000+ opens of the Chip AR effect in the first 12 hours of launch


80% more swipe ups driven by influencers chosen by SuperAwesome Creators compared to Chips Ahoy! organic metrics

“Authenticity is key with teens. They’re more interested in content that is attainable, not aspirational, so brands need to offer experiences that are fun and exciting to them and will have an application in their lives.”

– Allison Zilbershatz, Director of Content at Spark on behalf of Mondelez

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