How the top entertainment brand for kids, Nickelodeon, increased show viewership and engagement with AwesomeAds.

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“Find out what kids are doing…what’s hot, what’s new. It’s not enough to just show kids trailers anymore. It has to be interactive. There’s a lot of competition out there so you have to stand out with engaging and interactive ads. That’s the way to success right now.”

– Sonja Krvavac, Campaign Manager, Viacom

Nickelodeon, part of ViacomCBS, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. The kids TV network needed a specialist partner to help them build excitement with young viewers while ensuring brand-safety and compliance.

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The Challenge

To promote its new shows and seasons, Nickelodeon had to raise awareness with young viewers. This required getting in front of the right audience at the right time, which can be challenging due to the complexities of the kids digital landscape. Nickelodeon has built a strong brand by putting kids first in everything it does — above all, a safe and compliant approach was critical. The brand needed to balance protecting its audience while generating buzz about its latest programming.

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The Solution

Running campaigns on the most relevant content called for a deep understanding of kids’ interests and online behaviors. Nickelodeon determined that its audience spent most of the time in digital environments. A video-led, digital strategy was necessary to engage these viewers

To achieve this, video campaigns ran on relevant, premium kids content across YouTube, mobile, tablet, and web. Executed both quickly and thoughtfully, an insights-driven understanding of Nickelodeon’s intended audience informed the creative ad units.

“It’s hardly any back and forth. SuperAwesome is always working with our flow.” —Sonja Krvavac, Campaign Manager, Viacom Read more

SuperAwesome’s proprietary technology allowed Nickelodeon to safely reach its kids audience based on geography, demographics, and interests. Engaging the right audience can be complex in the kids space; leveraging SuperAwesome’s insights allowed Nickelodeon to continuously improve campaign performance in a compliant way.

Nickelodeon’s campaigns exceeded all performance benchmarks, allowing the brand to achieve its goals while focusing on kid safety year after year.

The Results


20% higher click through rate than competition


15% higher view through rate than competition.


€10.99 lower cost per click than competition.

“The reach that SuperAwesome has helps us bring our message to our target audience to promote our new shows and seasons.”

– Sonja Krvavac, Campaign Manager, Viacom

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