How a leading toy brand created a global gaming strategy to enhance fans’ engagement.

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With gaming ranking as kids’ #1 hobby, the toy brand wanted to double down on extending physical play into the digital world. Together, the brand and SuperAwesome built a 360° gaming, metaverse and content strategy to bring their IP to life in Roblox across 13 global markets.


The Challenge

The brand was on a mission to stand out in a sea of toys by offering the safe, virtual experience of a lifetime: a digital extension of the IP within an immersive gaming experience.

This ambitious mission comes with a multitude of challenges, including navigating children’s privacy laws across 13 different markets while maintaining their reputation as a kid-safe brand that both kids and families love.


The Solution

Leveraging SuperAwesome’s youth insights and gaming expertise, the brand executed a one-of-a-kind immersive gaming strategy, leveraging a custom digital world with community engagement, content creation, and amplification.

At the center of the experience was a custom-built Roblox game, complete with digital extensions of IRL products, easter eggs and retention loops, all of which generated ongoing content for the brand.

Partnering with some of the world’s biggest gaming influencers, SuperAwesome delivered over 400 pieces of creator content, generating over +55M impressions in 13 regions. This influencer activity enabled the brand to bring a Game With Me program to life, facilitating live gaming sessions between young audiences and their favorite influencers. This unique activation provided young fans with a money-can’t-buy, once in a lifetime experience.

To create buzz in an owned virtual community, the brand used a first-to-market branded PopJam Group, where fans had an established forum to talk about their shared interest and fandom for the toy.

Generating buzz and talkability around the Roblox experience involved repurposing influencer content cut-downs as ads and providing young girls with new game-forward ways to identify with the IP. The brand executed their media through SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds, ensuring contextually relevant and COPPA-compliant delivery across popular kids destinations on mobile, web, YouTube and social.

This gaming execution was a massive hit. Recognizing the impact kids have on household toy purchases, this activation led to an uplift in brand awareness and purchase intent for the brand.

The Results


+3M visits to custom-built Roblox world


+55M impressions across 400 pieces of creator content


+12.3M YouTube views and +18.3M completed views across contextually aligned kid-safe apps and sites

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