How one of the world’s biggest toy brands grew kid-safe engagement 4x across Western Europe by partnering with SuperAwesome

For 6+ years, SuperAwesome has been this leading toy brand’s primary trusted platform to create custom end-to-end strategies that drive engagement and awareness with its kids audience.


The Challenge

2020 was a difficult year for kids to create summer memories offline, so the brand pivoted to encourage them to create and play using its play set innovation.

Across Western Europe, the brand released several play sets and needed to communicate their uniqueness and special functionalities. Not only did each digital activation require an ownable message, but it also needed to reach a targeted kids audience that resonated with specific passion points.

Executing an end-to-end campaign of this scale and complexity required a specialized, trusted kidtech partner.


The Solution

The campaign was all about maximizing awareness, bringing each unique play set to millions of homes across Western Europe.

To accomplish this, the brand used SuperAwesome’s kid-safe platform to engage with young audiences in a safe and interactive way. Additionally, SuperAwesome’s deep understanding of kids’ passion points and digital consumption patterns allowed the brand to deliver engaging messages at scale.

First, the brand leveraged SuperAwesome’s technology and bespoke insights to identify ideal under-13 personas and passion points in its target markets. Next, the toy brand used SuperAwesome’s in-house creative studio to create interactive ad units designed to deepen kids’ product knowledge, encourage positive associations, and enable kids to have fun online.

These localized creative units were then scaled across apps, games and YouTube through SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds product, resulting in hyper-targeted reach to millions of children across 14 European markets.

By being able to tap into kids’ passion points with safe, cross-platform contextual targeting and streamlining the delivery into one powerful, consistent campaign, the brand drove emotional, long-lasting bonds between kids and its IP.

The Results


13.4M kid-safe impressions delivered across 14 markets


Average kids’ engagement rate of 20%, over 15% above industry benchmark


Exceeded engagement benchmarks by 4x across Western Europe

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