How INCa prioritized the well-being of tomorrow’s generation by reaching them when it mattered

📍 Location: France


What is ‘Cancer Fighter’?

The French National Cancer Institute’s new video game, “Cancer Fighter”, offers children a unique and fun experience. Throughout the game, set in and around a school, players receive power-ups and avoid obstacles. These are representative of everyday behaviours, which may be protective or risk factors for developing cancer in adulthood. The in-game pop-ups also provide information about cancer, its development mechanisms, and why and how more than 40% of cancers can be prevented. INCa has partnered with SuperAwesome to promote “Cancer Fighter” at scale.

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The Challenge

‘Cancer fighter’ raises awareness among young people about a sensitive subject. But a highly competitive and saturated world of gaming acted as an obstacle to reaching this audience at scale and spreading awareness without getting lost in the noise.

INCa needed a solution that could reach young audiences effectively and compliantly, driving traffic to Cancer Fighter in a highly targeted way without compromising on kids’ digital privacy laws.

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The Solution

INCa partnered with SuperAwesome to craft a digital strategy fuelled by expertise in young audiences and the gaming ecosystem. SuperAwesome’s
solution offered up a marketplace of kid-safe popular gaming apps which INCa was able to leverage and authentically reach their target audience through.

Video pre-rolls and interstitials drove increased awareness and quality traffic to the Cancer Fighter game, which ran across mobile and tablet devices. With a contextual consideration of youth online journeys, Cancer Fighter reached kids where it mattered, maximizing effectiveness at every touchpoint.

The Results


3.7 million kid-safe geo-targeted ad impressions delivered


Interstitials achieved 5x the Click-Through-Rate benchmark


Over 270K clicks through to play “Cancer Fighter”

About the French National Cancer Institute

A public health and scientific expertise agency, the French National Cancer Institute was created by the Public Health Act on 9 August 2004. It leads a nationwide effort to reduce the prevalence of cancer and its impact in France. To achieve this, the Institute coordinates various parties involved in the fight against cancer, such as prevention, screening, care, research and innovation. With a unified vision on the health, medical, scientific, social and economic dimensions of cancer, the Institute works to serve all citizens: patients, family members, carers, the general population, healthcare professionals, researchers and decision-makers. The Institute is responsible for implementing the ten-year cancer control strategy from 2021-2030.

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