How Generation C is influencing holiday purchasing for the entire family

Insight and predictions for brands for the 2020 holiday season

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Covid has made kids the family decision-makers this holiday season

Covid has made kids the family decision-makers this holiday season.
Amid all of this year’s uncertainties, this is clear: Generation C is in charge.

In this report you will learn:

  • How “present-prepping” will make the holiday season longer than previous years
  • How families are adapting their festive behaviors to make up for the lack of travel
  • The increasing importance of digital wish lists in the holiday purchase funnel
  • The growth of the meta verse as both playground and discover platform.

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Selected Findings


Holiday shopping has already started

80% of parents will have started buying gifts by the end of October. Find out where parents are going to shop and how can your brand leverage the early spenders.


Kids’ wish lists have gone digital

46% of kids want one big present whilst 54% want lots of little presents. Find out what’s at the top of kids’ wishlists this holiday season.


Holiday spending won’t end with the festive season

70% of kids prefer to receive some form of money as a holiday gift. Find out what your brand needs to do to engage with these key decision-makers to make connections that last.

Find out how to leverage this holiday season