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How brands can enter the youth gaming ecosystem

A guide to leveraging game integrations to reach young audiences easily and safely

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90% of under-16s game

Youth TV viewing has declined +8 hours a week and this screen time has been replaced by gaming. There is a distinct transition of screen time from linear TV to gaming environments – making it essential for your budget planning to make the same shift. 

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Myth: You need to build a game to participate in the gaming ecosystem

Executing an effective youth gaming strategy can seem complex, but an approach that considers authenticity and amplification will swiftly enable scaled engagement with a fragmented audience.

Game integrations in particular provide brands with highly engaging ways to reach youth gaming audiences without deploying huge resources.

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How SuperAwesome can help you with your game integration strategy

Open world gaming platforms dominate the youth gaming ecosystem.

Learn how a game integration strategy will help your brand grow in 2022 and beyond.