3 reasons your brand needs a youth digital engagement strategy

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Whether or not you know it yet, kids and Young Teens are a priority audience for your brand

No longer tomorrow’s consumers, kids (ages 12 and under) and Young Teens (ages 13-15) have become an influential and business-critical market.

Families seek their children’s opinions about brands and products, making it a necessity for brands across all verticals to have a safe and effective youth digital engagement strategy.

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This e-book helps answer questions like:

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✓ Where and how parents involve their kids in the shopping process

And how kids and Young Teens learn about brands

07_piggy_bank_512 (1)

✓ What allowance kids and Young Teens receive

And what young people spend their pocket money on


✓ Where young people spend the majority of their time interacting with brands

And how this has altered the biggest challenge which brands face

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✓ What are the first 5 steps a brand should take when planning a safe approach to youth digital engagement

And why it’s important to prioritize safety and compliance

87% of parents say their children
influence their purchase decisions

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