How brands can connect with young audiences in the metaverse

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90% of young audiences self-identify as gamers. A robust metaverse strategy is essential to nurture engagement with the next generation.

To understand how the metaverse is evolving, brands need to pay close attention to how young people are using gaming platforms.

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How will brands successfully connect with young audiences in the metaverse?

54% of young audiences in the UK who see a brand doing something cool in a game would talk about that brand with their friends.

With so many kids messaging their friends and playing games simultaneously, brands can leverage that digital communication to raise brand awareness.

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Did you know?

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66% of UK youth audiences playing games on platforms like Minecraft and Roblox are messaging friends at the same time

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81% of UK young audiences enjoy being able to play a game with friends who use a different console or PC than them

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As audiences age, social connection becomes more important, and the components of their metaverse use extends

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