How The Kids Gaming Ecosystem Has Changed

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Does your brand understand the way kids and Young Teens engage with the digital gaming ecosystem?

The digital media landscape is changing as under-16s repurpose games into channels of communication, engagement, and social sandboxes. 

As kids social interactions, consumption patterns, and leisure time transforms, companies, both gaming and not, need to be able to adapt their strategies to the evolving digital ecosystems.

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In this report you will learn:


What the under-16 gaming ecosystem looked like in 2020

And if kids really are the most important influencers in the world’s biggest games

11_video_marketing_512 (1)

How a kids game gains popularity

And what is the best marketing tool that the gaming industry has


How kids gaming patterns are changing the digital media landscape

And what features are brands releasing now to continue to stay competitive

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How companies should be reacting to the changed under-16 gaming ecosystem

Including tips on how to stay ahead of the game

115 million kids and teens play an average
of 20 games on Roblox per month

Download our report to learn how your brand can stand out in the new under-16 gaming ecosystem