Gen Z: The Family Chief Technology Officer

Kids’ & Teens’ Influence in Tech & Gaming

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How do young people influence family purchasing and what does this mean for brands?

Explore SuperAwesome’s infographic examining how the family democracy puts youth in charge of tech for the home. Learn about the moment children become part of the buying decision and how brands can engage with tech-savvy kids and teens to make sure they’re the top choice for family tech purchasing.

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Key insights inside:


Consider the influence Gen Z has over family tech purchases.

85% of parents actively consider their children’s opinions when purchasing tech, electronics, and games, thinking of them as experts on which brands to buy.


The family CTO’s influence evolves as they age.

Tweens are 20% more likely to drive the decision to buy a device than any other age group. Teens continue to influence family purchases as their financial independence grows.


Connect with Gen Z to build an effective family-focused brand strategy.

Access industry-leading solutions that offer safe digital engagement for both brands and young audiences.

Download our full infographic and learn how to engage with the family’s CTO. Equip your brand with the knowledge to craft campaigns that resonate with Gen Z.

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