The emergence of the 13-16 market: the world’s most powerful household influencers

Insights and guidance to reach this distinctive audience.

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under 16s market house influencers

Young Teens (13-16) have become a distinct and influential household audience driving over $61B in annual spending

In this report you will learn:

  • Why the impact and influence of Young Teens makes them an essential new audience
  • How the changing scope of digital privacy laws impacts existing strategies 
  • The key behaviors you need to demonstrate when communicating with this segment 
  • The ultimate formula for superior Young Teens engagement

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Selected Findings


Young Teens are the ultimate household influencers

Old enough to cultivate their own opinions and spending power, but young enough to be reliant on parental budgets, the 13-16 audience has quietly become the most influential household audience in the world.


Digital privacy laws are evolving beyond compliance

Digital privacy used to be an abstract concept; now it’s a regular topic of conversation. Socially-motivated and aware Young Teens are driving this conversation.


Reaching Young Teens requires a different approach

Many brands default to an aspirational marketing model, believing that if they target 16-24s, Young Teens will follow. But Young Teens are a distinct cohort with their own preferences and behaviours, and if you alienate them with inauthentic messaging, you’ll lose their loyalty forever.

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