How kids and Young Teens have raised the stakes for brand loyalty

A guide to entering the loyalty lifecycle and staying there

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The success of your brand depends on entering the loyalty lifecycle at the right time, with the right messaging

Learn how to increase the lifetime value of your customers by safely engaging with youth audiences.

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Your roadmap to brand loyalty

Empowered by technology and digital media, kids (under 13) and Young Teens (under 16) have become the most critical entry-point for brands seeking to establish long-term brand loyalty. After the age of 16, loyalty is locked in — and these relationships are likely to hold into adulthood, when nostalgia becomes an important driver.

The key to increasing the lifetime value of your customers is understanding the emotional drivers of loyalty in young audiences. Learn more about these drivers, how brands should engage young audiences during the critical loyalty transition period, and how to maintain the loyalty lifecycle.

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You will learn:

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The emotional drivers of youth loyalty.

Including the most influential brand touchpoints.

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How to build early affinity.

Before brand loyalty is locked in at age 16+.

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How to sustain brand loyalty.

Including our free lifetime loyalty roadmap.

Are you reaching your audience before their loyalties solidify?

Learn how to enter the consumer consideration set before it’s too late.