How brands should prepare for post-Covid engagement with youth audiences

3 predictions for the new normal and actions to remain competitive

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Everyone is (still) a kids and family brand

We are now a year into the pandemic and on the cusp of a new normal, with kids (age 12 and under) and Young Teens (ages 13 to 16) returning to school, shops reopening, and parents retuning to offices.

Brands must prepare for the inevitable by understanding how families’ digital activities, purchasing behaviours and perceptions have changed during the Covid-19 lockdowns and what this means for the post-Covid world.

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What will the post-Covid world look like for kids and family brands?


Screen time

How will screen time for kids and Young Teens change once they are able to return to school?



How will ecommerce be effected and who in the family is the key decision-maker for household purchasing?



Will the new digital platforms and content formats discovered by youth audiences during lockdown, continue into the new normal?

Is your brand ready for a post-Covid world?

Get prepared now and ensure your brand remains competitive.