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Why winning the young audience battle will position your brand to win the streaming wars

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88% of US parents say that they are more likely to subscribe to the streaming platforms that their children ask to watch.

Learn how to survive the streaming tipping point by building loyalty with young people.

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Winning the streaming wars requires winning under-16 audiences

Today, families have more entertainment options than ever before. With more time spent at home to watch movies and shows, and more services to choose from due to the emergence of new platforms, the average US household now subscribes to four streaming services, up from three at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But the streaming landscape has reached a critical tipping point. As restrictions ease, families will soon decide which services they want to keep in the household — and which they’ll cut. The winner of the streaming wars will come down to one business-critical audience: under-16s.

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You will learn:

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How the streaming landscape has evolved

And the role under-16 audiences play in acquiring new subscribers and retaining existing household subscriptions.

Winning youth marketing

How to win the streaming wars

By building loyalty with younger audiences, including the content that resonates by age group and key engagement channels.

Worldwide youth marketing

About Netflix’s move into gaming

And how this may help the streaming giant build loyalty with its young audience to survive post-Covid subscription shedding and grow its subscriber base.

Your parent-first approach is putting your brand at risk.

Learn how a thoughtful youth engagement strategy will help your streaming brand grow in 2021 and beyond.