YouTube is a challenge for brands. On one hand, despite the fact that YouTube is an over-13 platform, it is one of the best places to reach under-13 audiences at scale. The vast subscriber bases of channels such as Sis VS Bro and Ryan ToysReview have sparked an increase in the number of kid-focused channels on the platform, and sponsored collaborations are beneficial to both the influencers and the brands.

On the other, the vast volumes of content on the platform make it difficult to ensure that brand content remains separate from any dangerous or inappropriate content. As a brand, working with influencers on YouTube to target a young audience comes with its risks and challenges.

A year ago, SuperAwesome stepped in to set a new standard for safety in the kids and family creator space by creating a certification program called SafeFam. SafeFam provides young content creators and their parents with the education to better understand the requirements of creating safe content for kids.

To become SafeFam-certified, influencers and their parents must go through SuperAwesome’s training program and assessment. By signing up to this pledge, all content creators agree to create safe content for kids, disclose sponsored content in the right way and enforce parental control on their channel. They also receive training on areas that have concerned advertisers and content creators in the past, including brand safety, and utilising safe-social platforms where possible such as PopJam.

Kano, the leading DIY computing platform for kids, uses content creators from our Kidfluencer Marketplace. David Ortiz, their Head of Communication, said: “We work with SuperAwesome to build campaigns that deliver on our goals and are safe for kids to watch. They are really helpful and use their expertise to guide and deliver content that kids love!”

Kidfluencer campaign with Kano.

(As an aside, if you’d like to hear the history of Kano, here’s a great interview with their co-founder on our #Kidtech podcast series.)

Download Kano, Playmobil and Hasbro’s case studies here for more detail, or get in contact with one of our team to discuss how you can use our tools to use YouTube safely.

Agatha Bleuzen works in Kidfluencer Marketplace Development at SuperAwesome.