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Who we are

SuperAwesome powers the kids digital media ecosystem. Our kidtech is used by hundreds of brands and content-owners to enable safe digital engagement with the global kids audience. Built specifically to ensure total digital privacy (COPPA/GDPR-K) for kids, our technology footprint reaches almost half a billion kids across North America, Europe, LATAM and APAC.

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What we do

Kidtech solutions for all levels of safe, compliant digital engagement with children

Kid-safe advertising & monetization

The industry’s leading kid-safe ad platform providing brand solutions for advertisers and content owners.

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Kid-safe social & community

Tools for kid-safe social engagement in fully moderated environments.

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Parental consent management

COPPA/GDPR-K compliant authentication, parent portals and consent management.

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Certification programs to empower stakeholders to better understand the digital requirements of the under 13 market.

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Trusted by over 250 of the top kids brands and content owners


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