Picture this: your child is asking to play the newest online game. The game has lots of cool features, and they’re excited to get started. They go to sign up, input their age and are informed that they need to receive verified parental consent before they can access the game.

This is where SuperAwesome comes in. If your child is trying to access a game or service that uses SuperAwesome’s Kid Web Services Technology and indicates that they are under the age of digital consent, they will be asked to provide an email address of a parent or guardian. Once they do so, you’ll receive an email from us asking you to grant permission for your child to access the game, or features within the game, that collect personal information. In order to provide consent, you will need to verify your identity to prove that you are, in fact, an adult. 

This process is new for a lot of parents and guardians, so we’ve compiled these frequently asked questions about how the verification process works.


Why do I need to verify my identity and grant my child permission to access a game or service?

If a player indicates they are under the age of digital consent in their country, privacy laws may require a parent to provide permission for them to access games or services that collect personal information. These laws may also require that steps be taken to verify that the person providing parental consent is an adult to keep young audiences safe. 

How can I verify my identity with SuperAwesome?

SuperAwesome offers several verification methods using information that most children do not have access to, including credit or debit card details, Social Security Number (SSN), CPF number, CURP ID number, ID scans, and face scans.

Will you need to collect my information more than once to verify my identity?

No. Once you are verified as a parent/guardian, you will be added to a network of verified parents/guardians called the “ParentGraph” and will not need to re-enter your information for any game or service  that uses SuperAwesome’s technology, including Among Us, Pokémon GO, and Fall Guys. This makes the process simpler and minimizes the number of times you need to share personal information.  

The ParentGraph stores a scrambled version of your email address next to your verified status. This means, your email address can’t be read or used by anyone. Once you are part of the ParentGraph, your identity will automatically be confirmed if your child provides the same email address when signing up for another service that uses SuperAwesome’s technology. You will still, of course, need to provide consent on a per-game basis.

If you ever want to be removed from the ParentGraph, follow the link at the bottom of the email you received after being successfully verified as a parent. You will be asked to confirm your request. You can also opt out of the ParentGraph by sending a message to our support team.

What verification methods are available in my country?

When prompted to verify your identity, you will only be able to see the verification methods that apply to you. These methods depend on a range of factors, including the country your child is in, and what features the developer enables in the game or digital experience your child is using.  The verification methods we offer include:

  • Credit or Debit Card (available globally)
  • Social Security Number (available only in the US)
  • CPF Number (available only in Brazil)
  • CURP (available only in Mexico)
  • ID Scan (available outside the US and South Korea)
  • Face Scan (available outside the US and South Korea)

Is the information I provide during the parent verification process stored?

SuperAwesome never stores credit or debit card details, national ID numbers, scanned ID information, or face scans provided during the adult verification process. This information is used for the sole purpose of verifying that you’re an adult. Once your identity has been verified, this information is deleted.

Card payment

Why was my credit or debit card charged by SuperAwesome?

When verifying your identity with a credit or debit card, SuperAwesome will perform a small monetary transaction to verify the card. If you are outside the US, no charge will be made to your card. Instead, a small amount will be temporarily authorized against your card and then released. If you live in the US, 50¢ will be charged to your card. This transaction will be refunded within 8-13 business days.

You say my card has not been charged, but I can see the amount deducted in my bank statement.

If you see the charge in your bank statement, rest assured that the charge is not permanent. Some banks show the pre-authorization as a temporary charge when the pre-authorization period crosses the end of a statement period. The charge will be released and will show up as a reversal in the next statement. Please contact your bank for more information.

Kids Web Services

What is Kids Web Services?

Kids Web Services (KWS) is a free service that enables developers to verify the identity of parents or guardians when granting their children permission to use features that collect personal information. KWS powers parent verification for some of the world’s biggest games (like Among Us and Fall Guys) and is designed to help facilitate compliance with privacy laws, including COPPA, GDPR-K, and AADC. KWS is also certified under the FTC’s Safe Harbor program by kidSAFE Seal and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

Where can I learn more about KWS?

Visit our dedicated KWS page or get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.